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   Grabber™ X3

The mud terrain tire for SUVs and Light Trucks that offers extreme off-road traction but with a good balance of on-road performance.


DuraGen™ Technology:
A strong, cut and chip resistant compound, coupled with ultra high strength steel belts and a broad, flat contour, provide confident stability, even wear and responsive handling.

Xtreme Mud capability:
High void pattern design and evacuation channels allow high traction levels in mud while providing an efficient self cleaning ability at the same time.

Xtreme Rock climbing:
Multi angle tread block grip edges and large side wall lugs provide traction in uneven rock surfaces.

Xtreme Dirt traction:
Block chamfers and traction notches open the pattern with additional biting edges to improve loose surface grip.

All-Season Traction:
Strategic placement of sipes offer impressive wet and light snow performance.

Quiet and comfortable ride:
Computer optimized individual tread block pitch lengths minimize pattern generated noise to improve ride comfort.

 Grabber™ X3 Specification Sheet.
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